Welcome to the Exeter Mechanical Ecology Lab!

We are a small – but enthusiastic – group looking at the biomechanics of plant ecology. Why do we do it? First and foremost, because it’s great fun! You get to throw stuff at plants…! (Okay, we don’t just do that.) We also work a lot with carnivorous plants. Do I need to say more??

Secondly, and more importantly, because very little is known about the physics side of plant-environment interactions, despite its obvious importance. Just think about the damage that a hailstorm can wreck…!

Thirdly, and here it gets really interesting, because we can really learn a lot from plants when it comes to solving physical challenges. From lightweight, impact-resistant building structures to self-cleaning, water-repellent surfaces, the possibilities for useful and innovative technical applications are endless.

Got curious about Mechanical Ecology? Read on, get in touch, or drop by for a chat!